The Former and the Latter Rain

Joel 2: 23b-24

And He will cause the rain to come down for you—
The former rain,
And the latter rain in the first month.
24 The threshing floors shall be full of wheat,
And the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil.

As I was reading this passage I began to have a vision of it’s fulfillment in the earth during this last revival which is rapidly coming upon us. I saw God’s threshing floor, it was so full of wheat that it didn’t look like it hold any more. What is the threshing floor? That is the place where the wheat is brought as it is harvested. There, the wheat is freed from that which is holding it. The stems that are holding the precious kernels of wheat are all broken loose, the hard hulls are removed and the chaff is blown away until all that is left is the pure grain of wheat. This is the place where people are set free from all that has them bound as Jesus does a work in their lives that only He could ever possibly perform.

I began to see the vats of wine and oil, they were overflowing there was so much, the harvest was so great. We know that wine in scripture most commonly points to the joy of the Lord flowing in our lives. The oil most commonly is representative of the Holy Spirit poured out on God’s people. I began to see people so full of joy that it just poured out of them and onto the people around them. I saw the oil poured upon God’s people in such an abundance that it was flowing out to the world around them and changing everything that was around them. The anointing was so powerful and so abundant that there was literally no holding it back.

God promised the former and the latter rain would come upon us. The former rain was fulfilled in Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the 120 in the upper room. The result was a harvest that went around the world. The latter rain is about to fall and when it does, it is going to change the world in our time. God’s threshing floor will be full to overflowing of the precious souls that will come to Jesus. The lives saved, healed, delivered, and set free by Jesus Christ will be innumerable!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) vs Christianity

AOC has said some things that leave one scratching their head and wondering how anyone could possibly believe that things that come out of her mouth. Surely she can’t really believe the crazy sounding things that she is saying; it must be a ploy to get attention from the media. The disturbing news is this, not only does she believe it, but so do millions of other young people across our nation. We as Christians have failed generations of young people and God has raised up a warning sign to point out to us that we need to repent as a church for our part in that failure.

God has placed, AOC where she is for a time, she may not be there for very long, but she serves as a dire warning to the church. If your first inclination is to point out how very silly she sounds or to criticize her for her positions, then you have completely missed what God is expecting from us. We should first have sorrow in our hearts that someone could so deceived as to believe the things that she speaks. Secondly, we should be in deep repentance that we have allowed the devil to deceive entire generations into believing his horrible lies. They don’t know the trap that is set for them; they don’t know that in the end, they will be destroyed by these deceptions. Christ warned us that strong delusions would come, and take warning; they are here.

Isn’t it time that we stop looking at these kids with disdain and start praying for their salvation? In Joel’s prophecy, God promised the former and the latter rain. Isn’t it time for the latter rain? God said that He would pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh, our sons and our daughters would prophecy and our old men would dream dreams. It’s time…we need to be in prayer for God to pour out His Spirit. Look at Acts 2, what were they doing before the Holy Spirit fell on the Day of Pentecost? They were praying with one accord, or in other words, with the same goal…the promise of the Father poured out upon them and their Children.

Look, I’m not really trying to wake anybody up or anything, but we are standing at a crossroads, we can pray until we see that latter rain poured out or we can sit on our posteriors and let hell come to the face of the earth. The choice is ours to make…God didn’t say anywhere that He was going to just take care of everything apart from us…but He did say “If my people who are called by name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways THEN will I hear and from Heaven and heal their land.”